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I am looking for anyone who knows me that served on any of the ships listed below at the dates I have given.

JOINED              SHIP                      RATE          LEFT

1971/09/20     GANGES                JASA 2     1971/12/03

1971/12/04     GANGES              JACK 2     1972/05/13

1972/05/14     GANGES              JACK 1      1972/09/05

1972/09/06    PEMBROKE         JACK 1      1972/11/14

1972/11/15    COCHRANE        JACK 1        1974/01/24

1974/01/25    COCHRANE         A CK           1974/03/04

1974/03/04     ANTRIM                A CK            1974/12/24                SHIPS TANKY

1974/12/25     ANTRIM                CK               1975/11/17                SHIPS TANKY

1975/11/18    RAMEHEAD          CK               1976/06/20

1976/06/21   RAMEHEAD          CK                1976/07/18

1976/07/19    WARRIOR           CK                 1976/10/04

1976/10/05     NELSON            CK                 1976/10/06

Whilst serving at Cochrane I was rushed to Dunfermline Hospital with appendicites

One of the medical staff at Cochrane was a good friend of mine, can't remember his name.

Whilst at Ganges I baby sat for PO Roberts and his wife one night whilst they attended a functionl I'd like to know how he's doing.

My recruiting officer at the Watford office was Tom Sawyer who became a Lt. and the OC was Harry, surname James or Jones.

I can be contacted via this site or e-mail [email protected]


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