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Paul Knapp
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The South African Legion of MilitaryVeterans condemns in the strongest possible terms the desecration ofCommonwealth war graves in the Libyan town of Benghazi , where some 200 gravestones werevandalised by unknown assailants in two attacks. Out of a total of 1214, 82were the final resting places of South African soldiers.

The SA Legion believes that respect must beshown to all the fallen, be they former allies or enemies.  In fact, reports indicate that not onlyCommonwealth graves, but also graves of Italian soldiers were desecrated.

No group has taken responsibility for theoutrage, and the Libyan authorities have apologised, nonetheless, the SA Legioncalls on all responsible members of our society, including Government,Opposition parties, all religious groups and all organisations in this countrythat believe that “Ubuntu” is more than just an empty word to take a stand inthis matter and condemn this action.

Furthermore, the SA Legion wishes to makeclear its strong feeling that all war graves, of all combatants, from any eraand fighting for whichever cause, must be treated with respect and dignity andis working actively to make sure that no war graves are ever desecrated in South Africa.



For further information, contact theNational President, Legionnaire Godfrey Giles, or PR Chris Szabo:


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